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Give Your Website The Best On-page SEO for Getting Great Result

On Page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page search engine optimization means the factors that have a consequence on a website and positions in natural search results depended upon of targeted keywords appearing on the website. If you have a website that is not updated for years you can go for optimization process through which your website will get the increased traffic within a shorter period of time. This process definitely makes it easy for the webpage in your site to be listed at the top place of the SERPs. This optimization will help your site to Increase the consumer understanding and drive superior traffic leading to better business.

Who Does This Optimization Process?

First of all you should know that if your business deepened quite depended upon your website traffic you have to keep that updated by the professional optimizer so that your website get the preference among the competitors. Now the question how to update or optimize your websites? There are many small companies conduct this kind of works and very popular among the mid-sized business owner. You can always check with the review of that on-page optimizer and give them the job to get the best popularity from the users.

What Does Matter For Optimization?

The optimizer has some techniques to make WebPages popular in the search engine. Some of the schemes to set the tags and keywords that your WebPages will be recognized very soon on the top of the list in search engine. Some of the best way to set the title and tags such as setting 70 characters maximum in a single tag, the most searched keyword at the starting of the sentenced, the main keywords should be included several times strategically in the content that it gets the best search engine optimization.

The Important Components Of Optimization:

There are some important parts of a website that makes the difference so far the optimization is concerned.

Meta keyword – a Meta data makes the real difference in website optimization. A meta description contain of maximum 150 characters by the professional optimizer in terms to create the top listing in search engine. In the Meta description should be topic oriented and should avoid the duplicate data.

search engine optimization

Header tags – header tags are the most important HTML tags plays differential role in terms to make your WebPages popular in the crowd of homogeneous websites. The developer has to understand the priority of real time search engine optimization.

search engine optimization

Structural WebPages – a compact website filled with strategic structure of websites so that it gets the most structured optimizations to ensure the best chance of search engine optimization.

In the field of SEO or online marketing it is very important to create the most unique content so that your website gets the most popularity. You can also consider the huge popularity that you can gain from professional optimizers. By contacting the on-page optimizer you can earn popularity in social networking sites and gain huge users to view your website adds that will be listed at the top. Most of the popular search engines prefer most popular websites which have the most relevant on-page optimizing and tags included in the content. By hiring the most professional on-page optimizer you can earn popularity to your websites and get the proper traffic that will boost your business.

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How to recover from so called penguin 3.0?

Google update


After a huge so called Google update Penguin 3.0, it is not unnatural that everyone got scared about any kind of link building strategy. But before getting scared we all must know the reasons behind getting hit rather getting afraid.

Things you need to know about so called Penguin 3.0. It is a BIG lie.

I know it sounds crazy. But truth is always hard to believe.


Now a question pops up. WHAT THE HELL happened to all the sites that went down in 1 single day?

It is nothing but the entire data is refreshed by Google of their previous algorithm. It is just the same Penguin 2.1 jar which is shaken by MuttCutt after his vacation.

I know it does not solve our problem. 🙁

Before we continue the discussion, I need to clear a common phrase of SEO: SEO is long term. If you think for any shortcut way to ace Google and rank in 1st page then please remember that each and every time Google comes up with any idea for update, it is a war against you. And you think that you can win against it. You are so wrong. Fighting with thousands of sharks under water with a knife. You keep some tissue in the pocket and get ready wipe your tears with it.

I am not saying that Faster ranking is not possible but i meant that easy ranking days are over. Now the are 2 things we are really worried about:

Ranking high
Never get hit
Methods of getting faster result and stable ranking:

“Ranking high and never get hit” plans are approximately the same. The main concern or the key of success for ranking is the quality of content in your site and also the content of the backlinks’ pages.

For creating a good quality content, you have to make use that they are 100% unique, 100 ralivent, 100% grammer error free, 500 to 1000 words, having 2 to 3 keywords straight in the article and very common key phrases. You can rock the party of Google if you can write the content by your own with good, easy, interesting language. Another very important concern about the content is the language. 3 thing must come to a single point language of the site, language of the keywords and language of the content which is carrying your site’s backlink. Always make sure the 1st tier of you site must come from unique article. And never ever forget about the quality of the article of you tier-1.



Good decision about your keywords can bring more success beyond of your idea. While keyword selection, do not focus only in Search volume. There are many other factors about keyword selection. Keyword suggestion is not same for every person. It is like a medicine given by doctors. Never have a common solution. Think about a marketer whose target is to sell a product with a value of $5000. Now please think about the number of people who sits in front of pc for finding a product whose price is $5000 and who is ready to buy that? In this case high search volume will never help you to win this game. Here you have to find a specific keyword whose search volume can be zero or minus something which does not matter. The main target is to wait for that person who need that product for real and search that keyword for buying to find you for buying. It is just a big whale to take out from the ocean. What is meant is to understand the purpose of your site. Do not just through the net in the blank water. Thousands of throwing will never get you a fish.
On-page SEO

After your keyword research is done. 100% avoid your keyword to use it as you page title, url name. This is the common mistake people make most of the time by using the keyword as page title and url title. It is also called over optimizing. Creating unnatural links are not the only one way to make the SEO over optimized. Using the keyword too much in the content is also included. Now it is time to complete the on-page SEO. Meta tag, meta description, meta title etc.
Yaa! now its Backlink building time!

Never ever go for a backlink building strategy of your tier 1 by software. If you do then it might give you a very good result initially but it is not wise for a long run. Build a strong tier 1 with 100% manual link build strategy. It is really important make your site authority and also the tier 1 authority.

For this reason, we brought a Link Wheel Pyramid Strategy for you. 🙂

The strategy description is given below:


Even it is a link wheel but all the tier-1 links will be pointed to your money site. And each link will give only one back link to the other tier 1 link, so total 2 hyper links to each tier-1 links. Do you know why our tier-1 is totally different? It is totally different because each tier-1 links will have privacy policy and about us. Ultimately it becomes a backlinks from a web 2.0 which is like a site.If any of the tier-1 gets deleted then please let us know and we will reconnect it again by rebuilding.
Now comes tier-2

Try your level best to make it manual if you want to stay safe for future. I am not saying that tool using strategy like our Normal link pyramid is not safe. It will work well and boost your rank high but do not forget that we are still planning to stay safe in Penguin: 4.0, 5.0, ………….., Penguin ∞ (infinite). We are still protected in front of any kind of Google’s hungry pets of its ZOO. I almost forgot about the very very important thing to mention. While giving support to our clients, they ask what is the PR of the site where we create backlinks. Mark my words, PR is dead a long time back. Google is not updating the PR anymore. It is the generation of Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Did SeoPez stepped in their own trap by mentioning PA and DA. Trust me, we already put the PR to R.I.P. Now our database is also based on PA and DA.
Tier-3, which most of the people does not even care. But trust us, we care about any backlink point at your any of the tiers. Although they are tier 3, they are not spammy. Many of the backlink builders use this tier-3 straight to their money site to boost. But we are not 1 time service provider. We are the one who wants your success more than you and more tensed then you about getting hit. Cuz your success is our Business.

Tier-4 is just a blast to tier-3

Now it is time to call Google and tell “catch me if you can”. Are you scared to give a call? Please don’t because if Google wants to hit you then he has to wipe the entire database. Still do not trust me? Just try it once. Then you will also admit.

If you did not follow the entire strategy yet then mind it that you just dodged a bullet of Google. Next time he won’t miss you.

If Google police comes to you and give a ferocious look just show your ID. They will never put you in jail.

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Factors behind the Search Engine Ranking in 2013

Google update

To understand the algorithm of the search engine, there are many smartest search marketer experts who runs correlation studies every 2 years. We are trying to pile up the information to achieve an accurate view of the factors that helps  or hurts your website visibility in Google and other search engines. Please observe  that  these factors are not the proof of process by which the search engines use for ranking a website but just reveals the features of webpages that generally rank higher. In this year 2013, experts surveyed over 100 top search marketer experts gave their estimation on more than eighty ranking factors. The result of our Correlation Study of 2013 is given below. To understand the chart below, you need to choose 1 of the 10 categories at the top of the chart.

Search Engine Correlation Data

  • Page Link Authority Features
  • Page Level Social Metrics
  • Page Level Keyword Usage
  • Page Level Keyword Agnostic
  • Domain Link Authority Features
  • Page Level Anchor Text
  • Domain Level Keyword Agnostic
  • Domain Level Keyword Usage
  • Domain Level Brand Metrics
  • Domain Level Anchor Text

 Overall algorithm

Search engine correlation data

1. Page Link Authority Features

This feature explain the link metrics to each and every ranking page, for example number of links. Page authority is a process that predicts the ranking capability from links. And it has highest correlated factor (0.39) according to our study.

2. Page Level Social Metrics

This feature is connected to the third-party metrics from all the social network sources such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. for the ranking page. Social signals is another highest correlated factors, where Google+ is giving a greater effect than Facebook and Twitter. For this reason, we always suggest our clients to take Link Pyramid Special and Link Pyramid PRO due to the social signal. This PRO and Special is developed after the huge study on the Google Penguin 2.0.

3. Page Level Keyword Usage

This characterize describes the use of keywords term per phrase in a specific sector of the html code on the page, example like title element. H1s, alt attributes, and many more. These data calculates the relation among both the keyword and the document with TF-IDF score & the language model score. We understood that the title and tag, also the body of the HTML, Meta description and the H1 tags all had comparatively high correlation.

4. Page Level Keyword Agnostic

This topic explains the characteristics of every pages for non-keyword usage and non-link metrics like length of the page and load speed. In this latest update of Google penguin 2.0 2013 the data showed an amazing negative correlation (-0.10) to page response time.

5. Domain Link Authority Features

This Domain Link Authority Features explain link metrics about a root domain hosting of the site (such as, about a page, these are the features those are for links targeting to *, not just page D). In the year of 2011, metrics that grabbed a diversity of link sources of C-blocks, IPs, domains had high correlations. At the domain/subdomain level, subdomain correlations are greater than domain correlations.

6. Page Level Anchor Text

This is a very important factor to describe anchor text metrics both partial & exact match to the every page for example, no. of partial match anchor text (PMAT) links, exact match links. Or else Google will penalize your site due to over optimizing anchor text, according to our study, we got high correlations with both partial and exact match anchor text to the URL, 0.29 correlation of the no. of root domains connecting to the pages with PMAT.

7. Domain Level Keyword Agnostic

Domain Level Keyword Agnostic relates to the entire root domain (RD), but it does not directly describes the links or elements which is based on keywords. Instead of that, they make a connection to the things like the length of the characters of a domain name. None of these factors were very important but we got a negative correlation (-0.09) with the domain name length.

8. Domain Level Keyword Usage

Domain Level Keyword Usage is a feature that covers the amount of impact this might effect on search on the search engines for the keywords in the root domain and also in the subdomain. The ranking opportunity of exact match domains (EMD) and partial match domains (PMD) has been a heavy topic for discussion for visibility in the search engines. The correlations of the EMD is approximately 0.16 but the dot-com EMD is relatively higher correlations 0.20.

9. Domain Level Brand Metrics

Domain Level Brand Metrics carries the meaning of the quality of branding and brand metrics for the root domain. During the investigation, we recorded the name of the domains given in the Fresh Web Explorer. The correlations of the full domain name falls in between 0.17 and 0.20.

10. Domain Level Anchor Text

Domain Level Anchor Text describes the anchor text metrics for partial match & also exact match about the root domain hosting page. Such as, about a page in, these features are for anchor text links pointing to, just not in



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There might be no way to regain from Googles Penguin

Penguin update

evil-penguin-433x340It is really a serious matter that there is no recovery from Penguin! A discussion raised around the webmasterWorld that no site can return after the penguin hit. There won’t be any bulk recovery and also you will never be able to recover your rank back after the update. It is not to make a very bad news for SEO but after this big degradation of the website is becoming a real fact for 1000s of people.

One year has passed since Google brought the penguin update. Until now, there are very minor number of sites which could heal from penguin hit but majority of them are due to brand favoritism by Google. Among thousands of webmaster, many tried their level best to bring their position. But most of them could not return to their previous station.

According to the reports of Webmaster World, repairing the situation became worse than getting better. It has been observed that after the penguin hit the number of traffic decreases to straight horizontal line in the analytics. If you add thousands of very high quality backlinks to your penguin hit site, it won’t move a decimal point from its position.

What would it indicate if none of the sites returns? Is there any path in the algorithm in Google to get it back? If the answer is no, then what can be the reason? If this is a dead end then what can be its nxt option? Is there any gate way or guide line for SERP movement although you got a shot by the Penguin?

Tedster (Webmaster World) believes that the sites which have spent money for conversion optimization have fared the best post-Penguin.

“However, there are a few hit sites that have recovered – definitely not many, and especially not e-commerce. The successful approaches I know about always seem to include a focus on conversion optimization rather than traditional SEO methods. Focusing on the user experience with a strong value-add for the visitor seems to make a big difference.”

He would be right up to a curtain limit. The level of visitor might be zero in the initial stage then how is improving conversion going to make much of a difference. Someone else from the WebmasterWorld thread said that he has been working for improvement of conversion for an entire 12 months but nothing changed for him. So, the question still pop up that does the conversion optimization brings any visible changes? Is there possibility for recovering it?

Note from Moyed: The only one way to get back to the position is walk with the algorithm and wait for Google to restart the algorithm. The very important factor to understand that what changes should be made? Because the algorithm went through updates several time already with Penguin. We are assuming a new update recently this year, a big update, but it is hard to say, when? You will really get amazed to hear that there are many people came to us after the penguin hit. And we suggested them to use our Best Link Pyramid service. Some of them came back to the Google page and also back to their business! You may check some testimonials here.