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Guest Posting Service: High Quality & Niche Relevant

Why do we only prefer links from real business sites for our guest posting links? 

All the recent Google updates are making it very hard to survive those who only target to sell links (multi-niche), link farms, and High DR fake news sites. Most of those sites are drastically losing Organic traffic and ranking keywords from Google.

We strictly avoid cheap third-party link-selling groups and sites to ensure our clients get links from real business sites.

Our Guest Posting Link Acquisition Process:

First, our service is not based on any pre-built database or list. We research your business and categorize it for funneling the appropriate target sites. We do not target the exact keywords or terms for preparing the guest posting database for our clients because the same business owner may not be interested in giving a link directly to their competitors.

We brainstorm in-depth to find the most relevant niche sites with DA, DR and Traffic.

  • Real Business Sites
  • Fully Manual Site Filtering
  • Targeted Outreach
  • Real DA and DR
  • Real Traffic
  • 100% Safe & White Hat
  • 100% Avoid Declining Traffic
  • 100% Avoid Bad Neighborhood
  • Sites that Google Trusts
 We are also open to any custom requirements. For example, if you are interested in only DR 50+ sites or any sites with a custom range of organic traffic, please contact us. We will give you reasonable pricing according to your requirements. You can always contact us via: 
1. What is the Turnaround Time for Guest Posting Orders?
As the entire process is manually done, link acquiring depends on multiple factors:

  • The response rate of the site owners after outreaching them.
  • Topic selection and finalization from the site owners.
  • Article writing, reviewing, and delivering to the site owners.
  • Waiting for the site owners to publish articles and safely receive the live link.
  • So, it might take from 7 to 15 days.
2. Do you accept all the NICHES?
Apologies, due to our policy, we do not work on the following niches:

  • Adult: Sex Toys, Porn, Adult Content, Adult Images, Adult Chatting Sites, Massage, Spa
  • Gay: TransSensation
  • Betting: Prediction, Lottery,  Gamble, Casino, Poker
  • Dating: Tinder-type site, Night Club, Escort, Relationships
  • Entertainment: Movie, Streaming, IPTV, Concert, Music, Song, Celebrity
  • Photography: Wedding Photography/Videography, Tattoo, Art
  • Finance: Loan, Credit Card, Insurance
  • Fashion: Bikini
  • Alcohol: Bar Category, Wine, Beer, Vodka
  • Smoking: Cannabis, Weed, Tobacco
  • Spiritual: Witchcraft, Fortune-Telling, Religion, Magic, Psychic, Illuminati
3. Do you send reports?
We will provide all the links we acquired for your order.
4. What does your 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee mean?
If we fail to acquire any link for your order, we will refund you the $ amount equivalent to those links.
5. Do you ensure the guest posting quality?
We 100% avoid:

  • Site with Write for Us page
  • Multi-niche
  • Sites that do not have real business other than link-selling
  • Sites with declining Traffic
6. What will be the Anchor ratio?
We follow the order of anchor details. But we suggest not to use the main keywords too much.

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