Terms & Condition

Terms and Condition

We are giving some terms and conditions for our clients just to make things easy for them. This will help them to remove their confusion. We are requesting you to get a clear idea about our services before you apply for them. If you have taken our services before, then it means that you already accepted and agreed with our terms and conditions given in this page. The terms “SeoPez”, “We”, “Us”, “seopez” means SeoPez by default. When we say “You”, “Your”, “Clients”, “Customers”, we refer to you or to your agents. We may modify or add or deduct any of our terms and condition anytime we want. Checking our terms and conditions frequently is very important for your own satisfaction. For our regular customers, we may accept any subsequent revisions in our terms and conditions.
SeoPez’s liability is finite to the amount paid by the customer to us for any service.

Our Services

SeoPez does not SEO or provides any kind of service to Adult, Porn, 18+ website or content.


SeoPez accepts Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Cards for payment. More payment methods will be added soon for our clients’ convenience. We are following the Pay First Method for the payment.

Refund Policy

100% Money Back Guarantee. If anyone is not satisfied with our service, SeoPez will refund him/her 100% within 3 days after submitting the report.

Promotional Policy
SeoPez reserves the right to use client websites, web designs, layouts, prototypes, wireframes and collateral in advertising and / or marketing initiatives. This may include portfolio examples on our website, case studies and other promotional initiatives.

Help or Support

SeoPez gives 24/7 phone support, above 15 hours per day skype support (Live Chat), Chat support in our website and also email support ([email protected]). Our support is totally free for the basic question about our service.


SeoPez hates SPAM. We do not have any intention of disturbing you with any kind of promotion, updates etc. Your Privacy is also precious to us. We will only reveal your account information if we are forced to do according to the law.

Fair Use Policy

We employ a fair use policy to our websites. If we believe, for any reason, that you are not behaving in a manner expected of a The Web Showroom customer then we reserve the right to terminate your account – effective immediately.


SeoPez is not responsible for any action or inaction to our service. We try to give the best service with the cheapest price. We are confident about our security regarding hackers, viruses or any other unwanted things on the internet but can make no Guarantees. It is totally up to you to keep any backup of your data offline. We will not be liable for loss of sales, leads or reputation from using our service.


www.seopez.org is administered by the laws of the state of SeoPez, USA. Any dispute arising from the use of this website will be settled in this jurisdiction.