All-In-One SEO – Powerful Monthly Packages

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Plan Comparison

Omicron (Ο)

  • Blog Content (Native HQ Researched) - 3
  • Content Posting, Onpage & Interlinking - 3
  • Guest Posting (Real Site with Traffic) - 1
  • Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1) - 3
  • HQ Articles - 8+
  • Expired Web 2.0 PBN (T-1) - 10
  • Web 2.0 (T-1) With About us & Contact us - 10

    Total 3 Pages in each Web 2.0s

  • Article Submission (T-1) - 5
  • Profile Submission (T-1) - 20
  • Video Submission (T-1) - 5
  • Community Links (T-1) - 3
  • High Quality Answers (T-1) - 5
  • Citation - 15
  • Social Signals (5 Unique Platforms) - 15
  • Powerful Tier-2,3 & Premium Indexing:

  • Wiki Submissions (T-2) - 1000
  • Social Bookmarks (T-2) - 500
  • GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2) - 500
  • DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2) - 300
  • Forum Profile (T-2) - 500
  • Blog Comments (T-3) - 5000
  • Premium Indexing - Yes
  • Custom Indexing - Yes

Sigma (Σ)

  • Blog Content (Native HQ Researched) - 5
  • Content Posting, Onpage & Interlinking - 5
  • Guest Posting (Real Site with Traffic) - 3
  • Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1) - 5
  • HQ Articles - 16+
  • Expired Web 2.0 PBN (T-1) - 15
  • Web 2.0 (T-1) With About us & Contact us - 15

    Total 3 Pages in each Web 2.0s

  • Article Submission (T-1) - 7
  • Profile Submission High DR (T-1) - 35
  • Video Submission (T-1) - 5
  • Community Links (T-1) - 5
  • High Quality Answers (T-1) - 7
  • Citation - 20
  • Social Signals (5 Unique Platforms) - 30
  • Powerful Tier-2,3 & Premium Indexing:

  • Wiki Submissions (T-2) - 1200
  • Social Bookmarks (T-2) - 600
  • GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2) - 500
  • DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2) - 500
  • Forum Profile (T-2) - 1000
  • Blog Comments (T-3) - 5000
  • Premium Indexing - Yes
  • Custom Indexing - Yes

Omega (Ω)

  • Blog Content (Native HQ Researched) - 7
  • Content Posting, Onpage & Interlinking - 7
  • Guest Posting (Real Site with Traffic) - 5
  • Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1) - 7
  • HQ Articles - 22+
  • Expired Web 2.0 PBN (T-1) - 20
  • Web 2.0 (T-1) With About us & Contact us - 20

    Total 3 Pages in each Web 2.0s

  • Article Submission (T-1) - 10
  • Profile Submission High DR (T-1) - 50
  • Video Submission (T-1) - 7
  • Community Links (T-1) - 7
  • High Quality Answers (T-1) - 10
  • Citation - 25
  • Social Signals (5 Unique Platforms) - 40
  • Powerful Tier-2,3 & Premium Indexing:

  • High DA Link Boost - 200+
  • Wiki Submissions (T-2) - 1200
  • Social Bookmarks (T-2) - 700
  • GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2) - 500
  • DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2) - 500
  • Forum Profile (T-2) - 1000
  • Blog Comments (T-3) - 5000
  • Premium Indexing - Yes
  • Custom Indexing - Yes


Why do We Bring Powerful Monthly Packages to Our Clients?

Our new and improved SEO package surpasses previous options like Relax, Pleasure, and Freedom.

Google has become more advanced than ever before in stabilizing its algorithm. Traditional SEO tactics are no longer sufficient, with the focus increasingly shifting toward delivering valuable and relevant content.

Now Google seeks to weed out spammy sectors, balance product reviews, and promote the latest technology trends. It has introduced a new algorithm considering Topical Authority and E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

That’s why we’ve upgraded our SEO package to ensure our clients receive the best output with a user-friendly approach. Our package covers Topical Authority and E-E-A-T, which have become essential factors in SEO.

We provide everything you need to optimize your website, eliminating additional services from other companies. Our latest packages incorporate important previous SEO strategies and the latest SEO factors, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible results.

Our higher packages are highly recommended as they are designed to help you overcome Topical Authority and E-E-A-T by increasing their base foundation, referring domains, and more. Trust us to deliver dependable results for your online presence.

Monthly SEO Package: What Services Do We Offer?

1. Blog Content (Native HQ Researched)

As a part of our All-In-One SEO package, we provide our clients with native HQ-researched blog content for on-page search engines. A well-optimized content adds value to a website and helps it rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

That’s why we create native content optimized for image, keyword, and anchor optimization, among other things. Our professional writers ensure that the content is engaging, informative, and relevant to our client’s audiences.

What we maintain for our Blog Content article:

  • Information enriched
  • Engaging header sequence
  • Attractive Introduction
  • Improve AI detection score
  • Natural anchor placement
  • At least 1k words

2. Guest Posting

Our monthly SEO package includes guest posting services to enhance domain authority and increase site traffic significantly. We conduct real outreach to find real sites with traffic and then provide our clients with high-quality guest post links that help boost their website rankings.

Our tactics ensure that we get links from websites that are naturally ranked well. We avoid websites that professionally sell links or cover multiple niches. Our guest post articles are highly researched to ensure top-notch quality and are approved by the site owners before posting on their websites.

3. Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1):

This is not an actual PBN but rather SAN (Secured Authority Network). We don’t rely on spun articles or mass outreach for our blog network like others. Each SAN is hosted on its dedicated IP. This ensures top-notch security for our clients.

We guarantee that all PBN articles are carefully written and optimized for on-page SEO, including image optimization, keyword optimization, and anchor-optimized interlinking. Our SAN services provide secure power juice passing that leads to better benefits for our clients’ sites.

4. SEO Articles:

We steer clear of using scrap content. Instead, our team manually crafts each article mentioned in our chart for optimal SEO performance. Let us deliver quality content tailored to your brand.

What do we do in SEO articles?

  • Naturally keyword optimized
  • Proper Headers
  • Articles will be on the given topic
  • SEO Friendly

5. Keyword Research:

We’ve got a skilled team focused on Keyword Research, with extensive experience in successfully identifying long-term keywords across various niches. 

They found multiple successful traffic-generated keywords for multiple niches. We also employ them for our own projects. We find valuable keywords to generate traffic faster and easier.

6. On-page (Audit):

Our comprehensive website audit assesses all the critical factors influencing your site’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs). For your convenience, our monthly package offers two types of audits: full-site and landing page audits.

Full Site Audit:

Full site audit service is designed to evaluate all the factors that can impact your site’s performance in SERPs. With our team of skilled and expert professionals, we thoroughly check for overall structural problems of your site, such as health, performance, and speed.

After identifying these issues, we handle them carefully and successfully to ensure that your site is fully optimized to rank higher in search engines. Our Full Site Audit covers various on-page optimization elements, such as checking for internal errors and fixing alt tags, meta titles, and descriptions.

We also ensure your site is free from 404 errors, fixing slug, redirect issues, and other problems. Our comprehensive report on the entire site conditions highlights all the problem areas and the successful handling of these problems.

Landing Page Audit:

A landing page audit is a crucial aspect of any website that needs to convert visitors into leads. Our experts analyze and handle rankable factors essential for ranking the page on search engines.

We assess critical components of your website, including the Meta title and description, header tags, Header 2 optimization, keyword usage for content optimization, keyword optimization ratio, alt tags for images, and slug. We also ensure that internal links are placed correctly for maximum impact. 

This thorough examination of your website’s landing page provides detailed analysis and recommendations on improving the page to convert more visitors into leads.

Internal Links:

Your website’s search engine rankings can be significantly affected by internal links. Our Internal link service is divided into two types: inbound and outbound links.

Our professionals carefully select appropriate keywords or phrases to create internal links to your site manually and with software when required. We follow best practices to ensure proper placement and maximum results.

7. Tier-1:

Elevate your website’s Authoritativeness and boost your referring domain with our Foundation Backlink. Our package includes top-tier platforms to provide Tier-1 backlinks, helping you climb up the search engine rankings.

Expired Web 2.0 PBN: 

Our expired Web 2.0s have a minimum Trust Flow of 2+ and valuable backlinks. The challenge lies in finding these expired sites, particularly expired Tumblrs, Expired Weebly, and Expired Blogspot. 

But with us, you can rest assured about accessing this goldmine of high-quality expired web 2.0s. We offer options for aged web 2.0 submissions. Please note that login details are not included in this case.

Web 2.0 With About us & Contact us:

Google doesn’t give much value to single-page sites. While they may increase referring domains, they won’t provide the power needed to boost SEO rankings. 

Our strategy involves creating three content-based posts on each web 2.0, accompanied by contact and about pages. This not only increases referral domains but also helps to pass the juice and improve rankings in SERPs. 

Community Links:

Our community links come from high traffic sites, making them almost as powerful as guest-posting articles. Utilizing our services increases the possibility of getting traffic to your site from these reputable sources.

High-Quality Answers:

Many people visit and ask questions on popular platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo. It can bring natural traffic to your website through engagement on these sites by posting answers.

Our links don’t just stop there. We also offer links from article submissions, profile submissions, video submissions, and citations.

7. Social Signals (T-1):

Social signals effectively share your website on various social media platforms and increase engagement. By using unique platforms, we ensure your website gains the attention it deserves and ranks higher on search engines.

8. Tier-2:

Tier-2 backlinks increase your website’s domain authority because you guest post on sites with high domain authority. Then we link those websites to your website. From our updated database, you get tier-2 backlinks across 5 platforms with 1500+ unique domains.

Using those platforms, we create Tier-2 backlinks:

  • Wiki Submissions
  • Social Bookmarks
  • GSA Contextual Backlinks
  • DoFollow Blog Comments
  • Forum Profile
  • High DA Links (Only for Omega)

High DA Links (Only for Omega):

It is one of the most powerful platforms that we use to boost your Tier-1 links. This platform is exclusive to our Omega package subscribers and provides robust links with high DA. We use over 200 unique domains to generate these links, which work like magic to amplify your Tier-1 links.

Your site will benefit from the strong juice generated, and these high-quality links make it easier for Google bots to index their sites. We use these links for our own projects too, which illustrates the confidence we have in the ability to deliver what we promise.

GSA Contextual Backlinks:

GSA Contextual Backlinks are great for getting contextual backlinks. You can use it to generate strong link juice. The blast is important for indexing and powering up backlinks.

DoFollow Blog Comments:

It’s proven to work for DoFollow Blog Commenting in SERPs. So our team spends a lot of time on it. Google bots can crawl our upper links (Tier-2 and Tier-1) faster since they are DoFollow links. This process will make juice parsing and indexing easier for Google bots.

9. Tier-3:

We also provide Tier-3 backlinks, which we use to blast your Tier-2 links. This approach increases the juice passing power, strengthening your website’s ranking signals. We utilize our vast database of over 5k to acquire third-tier backlinks.

10. Indexing:

Indexing is a big part of SEO for ranking factors because, without crawling and indexing by Google, you can’t rank. Currently, indexing any content is very difficult and expensive.

Google also delays indexing money sites’ high-quality content. And indexing backlinks are way harder. That’s why we do our indexing three ways.

We’ve got some internal setups, Tier-2 and Tier-3 setups, and a multiple indexing platform that’s paid monthly and even link-based. Moreover, we have some manual procedures that are expensive to maintain. Through Custom Indexing, we make sure our packages have at least a decent amount of indexing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When will I get my Backlink Report?

In these new All-in-One packages, we submit the backlinks throughout the month, so we try to deliver the report on the 30th day of the order date.

The exception happens if we get the guest posting links from the outreached site owner. If any delay occurs due to outreach replies and guest post content processing or editing, please do not worry. We will deliver the report immediately after receiving the link from the site owner.

Note: We DO NOT deliver the PBN links in the report due to network security.

2. Do you offer your services in foreign languages?

We provide All-In-One SEO services in multiple languages. So our clients can target foreign markets with ease. Many of our clients are using our services for Non-English Sites and keywords to improve their ranking, and they are doing very well.

  • In the content, we use NAP.
  • We take English content and spin it with Premium Spinner, then translate it with Google Translate.
  • For local results, we also suggest on-page factors.
  • Backlinking strategy for Local Results.

It can help us convey your message to a wider audience accurately.

3. Is your powerful monthly SEO service safe for brand-new sites?

These packages are specifically designed in the white hat strategy so anyone can use them on their site without worrying.

We create the backlinks in a very natural way to Top High DA sites. Our outreach strategy, content clustering, and interlinking procedure are 100% safe for any new website.

We’ll also ensure that your site is structured correctly and that all your title tags and meta descriptions are optimized to build a proper site on-page structure.

4. Do you accept all the Niches?

Apologies, due to our policies, we do not work on the following niches:

  • Adult: Sex Toys, Porn, Adult Content, Adult Images, Adult Chatting Sites, Massage, Spa
  • Gay: TransSensation
  • Betting: Prediction, Lottery, Gamble, Casino, Poker
  • Dating: Tinder type site, Night Club, Escort, Relationships
  • Entertainment: Movie, Streaming, IPTV, Concert, Music, Song, Celebrity
  • Photography: Wedding Photography/Videography, Tattoo, Art
  • Finance: Loan, Credit Card, Insurance
  • Fashion: Bikini
  • Alcohol: Bar Category, Wine, Beer, Vodka
  • Smoking: Cannabis, Weed, Tobacco
  • Spiritual: Witchcraft, Fortune-Telling, Religion, Magic, Psychic, Illuminati

5. Does your powerful monthly SEO service guarantee page 1 ranking?

We try our level best to nurture and work on our client sites for better results. Many of our clients came to 1st position or 1st page by using our service. Big search engines like Google have different algorithms and ranking factors depending on the niche. So, it is really hard to give any kind of promise or guarantee in any position in the search result. But our service works great for long-term results.

6. Do you offer revision/link replacements?

Definitely, we do. If you need any help with your orders, please let us know. If possible, we will give a full check and rework to fix the links. Also, we will replace any links that are no longer working.

7. Can you check the Guest Posting site before link Building?

If you are serious about the matrics of the Guest Posting links and want to review the guest posting site details, please let us know immediately after placing the order. We are happy to share the details of the responded site from our outreach work.

As we pay for these links to the site owner, we DO NOT allow any link removal or refund request after the guest posting is complete.

8. How many anchors/URLs can I use?

After the latest Google updates, it is very sensitive to use all the targeted keywords. We highly suggest using 20% keywords and 80% Generic, Brand names, naked URLs, etc. So, you can give unlimited keywords for a single URL.

Also, you can consult us regarding the number of anchors and URLs to use. We take into account the anchoring history of your site and advise accordingly. This approach helps avoid overusing anchors or URLs and, in turn, prevents the risk of spamming.

We aim to ensure you get the best results from our services and maintain your website’s high-ranking position.

9. Do you offer any guarantees/refunds?

We guarantee you that you won’t need a guarantee. We will give you a 100% refund If we fail to complete the work as described above.

9. Do reports carry my company logo?

Please let us know if you want your logo in the report or white labeled. We will deliver the report accordingly.

11. Does your link building method change?

Of course. We’re constantly testing and implementing new ranking methods, but you don’t need to worry because we’ll detail it in your monthly report.

There are many different link-building methods, and our approach will likely change over time as the algorithm updates and new opportunities arise.

12. How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the competitiveness of your keywords, and the links’ effect depends on the indexing links in Google. Our indexing procedure takes less than one month. We suggest running our package for at least three months.

13. Does this service still work after Google’s latest updates?

We always keep studying whatever Google is working new. We also do Google friendly things for our projects to keep our packages up to date.

14. Do you give Bulk Discounts?

We generally do not give discounts as they are our premium packages. But if you want to order bulk orders, contact us, and we might give you a custom offer.

15. Do you accept customized orders?

Yes, we do. Whether you’re looking for a specific number of backlinks or you need help with on-page optimization, we’re always happy to customize our monthly SEO services to fit your needs.

Send us your requirements, and we’ll give you a quote. We’re confident you won’t find a better price or more comprehensive services elsewhere.

16. What if I miss the email of the keyword research report?

We will wait up to three days for your reply if you miss the email containing your keyword research report. If you don’t reply within three days, we will choose the keywords that we feel are best suited to your needs. Regardless of what happens, we will do our best to ensure your website’s success.

17. Do we need your website Access for a powerful monthly SEO service?

Yes, we need access only if your website is built with WordPress for blog posting, interlinking and on-page analysis. To optimize your website for search engines, we need to change the following: page titles, headers, meta descriptions, image alt-text, page URLs, and internal linking. For that, we just need an editor login to your site.

18. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel it anytime you want.

19. How can I pay for your services?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer and WISE. You can also pay via bank transfer. If you require any payment information, please don’t hesitate to inform us.