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Why our service is still working?

SeoPez is providing SEO services since 2010. We always try our level best to provide the best quality service with the reasonable price possible.

The main structure seems the same. But the internal database, indexing strategy, anchor diversification, tier-2 and tier-3 database filter are always getting upgraded with the latest updates.

Are your links still Indexing?

The most recent panic is indexing rate. We started working on it after the update released and now we can index links very fast. So, our clients are still getting results.

How the contents being processed?

Another important part of our work is content management. We have a department of experts those who manually find niche related content. This is another reason why our clients are doing great. Because everybody knows that if the content is collected automatically then it won’t be topic related. We also optimize the content with the keywords manually. We do not believe on any article scrapers.

Are your service Manual or Tool based?

For money site, we highly suggest our Manual Packages. In our manual packages, we try our level best to give submission in the top sites in each platforms. Although many of our clients are using our tool based submissions and also doing great because we filter all our database very strongly.

Our Link Pyramid packages contain both tool based and manual package. $5 to $20 is basically tool based. And $37 or above has 100% manual tier-1.

Do you accept custom instructions and provide custom packages in Web 2.0s?

Those who want Manual Web 2.0 links, you have come to the perfect place. We have a dedicated department for web 2.0 creation. Any kind of custom instruction and package is fine for us. And we listed all the top sites.

Do you provide Monthly SEO packages?

We also have Monthly packages. In these packages, we almost take care of most of the part. Keyword research, onpage, off page, rank tracking. We also provide the login details of the tier-1 backlinks in our monthly packages. Every month, we try to provide unique domain backlinks to increase the referring domains and we also diversify among various platforms. $27 package is just an economy package, we suggest to start from $107 package.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research is very different from normal service providers. We use multiple monthly paid tools for getting high search volume keywords with the lowest possible keyword difficulty in your niche.

Safest SEO Structure

The SEO structure we are using for our clients is basically designed for our own sites. So, please never worry about the quality. Just discuss with us if you have any concerns.

It is not only, we try to provide a good quality service but also provide a friendly customer support, before and after your order processing. Any concern, please let us know, both via email or skype support.

In summary, we do all the hard work for you. We continuously do the study, research, and experiment based on the latest updates to provide a quality service to our clients. We do the hardest part for you so you can flexibly take our service for long-term and stable result.