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    **We are providing Powerful PBNs for these packages**
    **Keyword Research and On Page Optimization can decrease your thousand dollar in SEO Budget. Proper keyword selection can take you to success faster.**
    **Drip feed recommended for natural submission**
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    If you are looking for a safest and transparent link building service where you do not need to worry about Google updates. You should first think about a Tier 1 where all the submissions are manual (Natural). For this reason, we created a manual Link Pyramid for people those who want to stay Google’s choice and gently bring their sites on top. This manual Link Pyramid is not only a Google friendly Backlinks but also consider many factors according to the Top listed SEO experts. For a more clear view, please check the features of our Manual Link Pyramid below:

    Plan Comparison

    Choose Your Package
    • Articles Quantity

      Number of Spun Articles
    • HQ Articles

      Number of High Quality Spun Articles
    • Handwritten Articles for PBN

      Number of Handwritten Articles for PBN
    • Tier-1

    • Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1)

      PBN Submissions from our High Quality Network - RD and TF are Great
    • Expired Web 2.0 PBN (T-1)

      High PA and TF based Expired Web 2.0 PBN - Mixture of 3 Different Web 2.0 Domains
    • Web 2.0 (T-1)

      Manual Web 2.0 Submission Tier-1
    • Article Submission (T-1)

      Manual Article Directories Submission Tier-1
    • Profile Submission (T-1)

      Web 2.0 Profile Submission Tier-1
    • Social Bookmark (T-1)

      High DA Manual Social Bookmarking Submission Tier-1
    • Video Submission (T-1)

      High Quality Video Creation and Submission Tier-1
    • EDU GOV Links (T-1)

      High Quality Manual Edu Gov Submission Tier-1
    • Social Signals (T-1)

      Social Signals from Popular Social Platforms
    • Community Links (T-1)

      Guest Post Type Submissions to High Quality Sites Like, etc.
    • PDF Creation and Submission (T-1)

      Manual PDF Creation and Submission Tier-1
    • Blogspot with HQ Video (T-1)

      Blogspot with HQ Video Submission Tier-1
    • Image Sharing Links (T-1)

      Manual Image Sharing Submission Tier-1
    • Press Release (T-1)

      High DA Manual Press Release Submission Tier-1
    • High Quality Answers (T-1)

      High Quality Answers Tier-1
    • Tier-2

      To Boost Tier-1
    • Wiki Submissions (T-2)

      Wiki Submissions Tier-2
    • Social Bookmarks (T-2)

      Social Bookmarking Submissions Tier-2
    • GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2)

      GSA Contextual Backlinks Submissions Tier-2 - Social Network, Article Directories etc.
    • DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2)

      DoFollow Blog Commenting Submissions Tier-2
    • Forum Profile (T-2)

      Forum Profile Submissions Tier-2
    • Tier-3

      To Boost Tier-2
    • Blog Comments (T-3)

      Blog Commenting Blasts for Better Indexing
    • Indexing

    • Premium Indexing

      We use multiple premium indexer for faster and better indexing
    • Custom Indexing

      We also use our own method of indexing


    • 7
    • 5
    • 1
    • 1
    • 5
    • 20
    • 5
    • 50
    • 20
    • 5
    • 10
    • 1000
    • 500
    • 400
    • 200
    • 500
    • 5000


    • 15
    • 13
    • 3
    • 3
    • 10
    • 25
    • 10
    • 100
    • 30
    • 10
    • 15
    • 3
    • 10
    • 10
    • 1200
    • 600
    • 500
    • 300
    • 700
    • 5000


    • 19
    • 17
    • 5
    • 5
    • 15
    • 30
    • 15
    • 150
    • 40
    • 10
    • 20
    • 3
    • 15
    • 10
    • 3
    • 7
    • 1200
    • 700
    • 500
    • 400
    • 1000
    • 5000

    Why do you suggest your Manual Link Pyramid to your clients for money site?

    In our Manual Link Pyramid, the entire Tier-1 is 100% Manual.

    You might also ask, why we have the same structure until now?

    The structure is not much important here. The important part is what you are getting in these packages.

    We are continuously updating our database and many other internal factors according to the latest updates.

    Now, we took a huge step for you!!!!

    Version 3.0

    What is version 3.0?

    Our version 3.0 update will be like using a Gun instead of an arrow for hunting.

    In the same previous pricing, we included HQ PBN links with Hand Written Articles.

    We made our Tier-1 more juicy with contextual backlinks.

    For more details please check the following:

    • The total number of content is increased. Now, you will get more variety and uniqueness.
    • Pre-made anchor ratio is given. So, no need to worry about over optimized anchor.
    • The quantity of the links in both Tier-1 and Tier-1 will be changed to increase the overall effect.
    • Tier-2will have more backlinks now.
    • Powerful PBN links in the Tier-1 for making them more strong.
    • All the PBN links will have Hand Written Articles.
    • We have a dedicated department for content processing. For other submissions, we manually find topic related articles and spin them with high quality (Monthly paid) premium spinner to make content human-readable and unique.
    • The Expired Web 2.0 will also be included in packages.
    • Tier-2 links will more be strong.

    Our PBN features:

    • All the domains are manually checked to keep the network safe, clean and powerful.
    • The average Trust Flow (TF) and Referring Domain (RD) is 15.
    • We use different Hosting providers
      • Unique A, B, C class IPs
      • Each site has different nameservers.
    • PBN site design
      • Totally real looking sites
      • Unique made logo
      • Different and Premium themes
      • Expert design, modern PBN Style (won’t look like usual PBN)
    •  Home page posts for better juice with low OBL.
    • There are Social profiles for every sites.

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    Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    1. What is the Turnaround Time?
    Our TAT varies from package to package! TAT for urgent orders are 7 to 10 days.

    If you select 10 days of drip feed, then you will receive the report within 12 days.

    2. How many URLs and keywords can I use?
    We do not limit your urls and keywords. Keep in mind that the more URLs you provide, the more you dilute the links, so make your decisions accordingly. But we suggest using 1 url and 5 keywords for the better result. And we also discourage to use 1 url and 1 keyword because Google penalizes over optimization.
    3. Do you send reports?
    Of course! We want you to feel comfortable ordering from us, so we give you a report of every link built except PBN
    4. What's the benefit of Drip Feed?
    For new sites, this will allow a consistent amount of links to flow in over a period of time, which if combined with a diverse set of anchor texts, will make the entire process look very natural.

    If you have an established site though, there is no need to do this as it takes a while for directories to approve your website, and then a bit longer for Google to index those links, you’ll get links spaced out over time anyway.

    5. Do you accept all the NICHES?
    Sorry, we do not work on Religion, escort, adult, sex toys, transSensation, gamble, casino, porn, adult content, adult image, adult chatting site, poker, gay, bet, prediction, bar category, wine, alcohol, beer, vodka, cannabis, weed, movie, streaming, loan, insurance, credit card, concert, music, song etc sites.

    Please contact us before purchasing if you are confused with your niche.

    6. What does your 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed to mean?
    Ranking on Google depends on many factors like the selection of keywords and other important on-page optimization. In our link pyramid, we do not guarantee any position for the keywords. But normally low and medium keywords are getting great results after the Google latest updates.

    Our refund policy is on the number of backlinks that we promised. If we fail to provide the links that we promised then we will refund your money back.

    7. Will you put my competitor’s images in my post or in my video?
    We normally try our level best to take general images according to your niche. There might be a chance that your competitor’s image might be taken in the process. If you want, you can also provide images for submissions.
    8. How many urls or topic can we give for keyword Reseach addon?
    We accept only one set or topic for keyword research
    9. What if I have several sets of url or topic for placing the order but add keyword research as an add-on?
    We will by default take the 1st topic or set as keyword research and other sets will be as it is.
    10. What if I miss or do not reply the email of the keyword research report?
    We will wait 3 days for your reply then we will process the order with our selected keywords.
    11. What will be the Anchor ratio?
    There are total 5 options for Anchor ratio in the form. Four pre-built options for anchor ratio and 1 custom option where you can mention your required anchor ratio.

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