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How long Should I Wait for Google to Index My Page?

As we know, some pages or contents index super fast. And some of them do not get indexed easily.

Why is the difference?

Because there are a lot of factors Google follows to index a page.

So, the timeframe of indexing links will DEFINITELY vary according to the level of a URL (quality).

And also we know, an URL does not have any value if it is NOT indexed. [ not a single cent ]

If that is the case, you cannot explain the indexing timeframe in a short answer.

In this article, I will try to give the step by step answers.

How long should I wait for Google to index my page?

We have 2 parts of discussions here:

  1. Indexing a page from money site
  2. Indexing a link for ranking a site or page

Because we need to index the money page to rank in Google and also need the links to move the SERP position up.

Indexing a page from money site

The timeframe of indexing will not be the same for an old authority domain and a fresh new domain.

I personally found many of our clients questioning “ how long to wait to get my domain gets indexed in Google “.

So, if your domain is a fresh new born one, then you have to be patient to get it indexed.

Now, what to do!!!!!

What to do if links do not get indexed

  1. We cannot hold the collar of Google and say “ I will jump off the roof if you do not index my domain or pages “
  2. Try to be user intent: add quality posts or pages. It will add value to your site and grab Google’s attention.
    • I definitely skipped the part: adding site in Google search console and other basic factors.
  3. Try to get quality links from indexed pages. So, Google bot can find a way to your domain (and say: Ahhh there you are!!).
  4. For indexing any post or page, always give interlink from the index pages of your site (especially from the pages that have traffic)
    • Don’t be aggressive in interlinking by linking back from irrelevant pages or anchors.
  5. And Number 5 never ever look or peek at Blackhat methods to index your money pages. Google is really jealous and can break up with your site.

Authority sites or good expired or auction domains always get priority on getting indexed. In most cases, the posts or pages get indexed naturally.

I meant you do not have to wait for indexing a page like we wait for a delivery of the overseas ordered products.

But if you still face problems, then we always try to get links from indexed pages.

Indexing a link for ranking a site

This is the part where you might face a long formula math that goes over your head. And you say “ WHAT!!! “ after 1 hour of class.

There are 2 major parts for ranking:

  1. Onpage SEO (we will talk about it another day)
  2. Offpage SEO

1st Rule of offpage SEO: Is my link got indexed by Google yet?

If “ NO “ then it does not have any value.

If “ Yes “ then it will definitely make a difference.

If you want to get the effect of the backlinks, you have to index them.

So, if you want to rank your pages for keywords with high or good search volume, you must need backlinks and index them.

How to SEO for indexing

No one can disagree: increase in Referring domains is a very important ranking factor (avoiding spammy domains).

How can we do it!!!!!

Then, let’s talk about the types of links:

  1. Backlink from a Good traffic site:
    • If you get a link from an indexed page (it will definitely help you index link faster)
    • If you take a link from a new post, then you might have to wait until that page gets indexed.
  2. If you take backlinks from high DA or DR sites (although it is not Google matrics) it is supposed to give you a helping hand of indexing. But still you must take the amount of traffic of the site in count.
  3. Now if you want to increase the good amount of referring domain, quality basic link building helps a lot. But indexing them is a challenge.

But if you know the ways, it is not that hard. Our clients do not need to worry about indexing on any links we deliver.


Because we DO NOT limit ourselves only delivering the report and mark the job is done.

You might think “ oh, report is given. So, seopez’s work is complete “.

No, we are not done yet. More than one senior member is involved in indexing your links.

So, when you create links to rank your site but zero effect, always check your link indexing rate. It really helps you to reduce the recurring SEO budget.

Now, how do we index our links: “ shhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” that is a part we call it “ secret “.

We have our multiple layer strategy to index links faster.

That is for today. If you have any queries, please contact us via:

Email: [email protected]


Contact us Page:

You can also check our effective packages:

  1. Highly diversified quality link building (link pyramid)
  2. Powerful Web 2.0 Strategy
  3. Expert level SEO solution
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  5. Save time using Expired domains
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9 Unavoidable Factors to Rank Your Site in 2019

9 Unavoidable Factors to Rank Your Site in 2019

People are saying that only high quality content needed to rank in Google search result. Let’s check the secret behind the scene.

Let say, you selected a very good keyword with a decent search volume. Do you think you are the only one who is putting high quality juice in the content? If you think that way then you have a very high chance of losing the game here.

Hundreds of high quality contents are publishing every minutes. And some of them are in your niche. So, now the question is where is the difference. No worries, we will discuss everything step by step.

Why Ranking is Different and Difficult than Before?

After All the Updates – How to Rank Your Site in 2019?

  1. Perfect Keyword Selection
  2. CTR Magnet Title
  3. Catchy Content Structure
  4. Proper Header for Featured Snippet
  5. Catchy Meta Description
  6. Page Speed
  7. Voice Search optimization
  8. Diversify Foundation Backlinks
  9. Strong Ranking backlinks

Please do not panic!!!

We will walk you through all the points.

1. Perfect Keyword Selection

Perfect Keyword Selection

If you think that Google is a traffic platform to get your customers then the keyword is the address how they will find you. Now if you want to sell “raw potato” but select the keyword “potato chips” for SEO, it is like opening a shop of vegetable in front of a school or a picnic spot. So, if you fail or take a little wrong move in this part then you will never get the traffic those who are looking for you.

2. CTR Magnet Title

Why the attractive title is important? Google wants to give the visitor the best result. So, they want to keep the most clicked site on top for the searched keyword. If you give a boring title which people are not clicking or clicking less. You will definitely go down gradually.

3. Catchy Content Structure

It is also a de-ranking factor if any visitor bounces back after entering your site. You need to hook the visitor with your precise content structure. So, they scroll down the content and Google will think “WOW” people are liking this page and you will go up.

4. Proper Header for Featured Snippet

As Google featured snippet stay above all the top 10 search result, it surely grabs the main attraction of your visitor. And if you do not want to miss that you must arrange Headers properly.

5. Catchy Meta Description

The title is really a very small place to express your content. So, meta description is the only place you get to explain to the visitor to convince them. Again, now ranking is not the only challenge. The main challenge is how to hold your visitors there.

6. Page Speed

It is a straight declaration from Google that faster loading pages will rank better. Now you must take care about your images, frames or any other decorations to make it attractive. Here you must have to be calculative. You cannot compromise attractiveness and also you cannot make it slow.

7. Voice Search optimization

Voice Search optimization

41% Adults are using voice search once a day (Source). And 20% searches from the mobile phone are surprisingly voice searches (Source). So, you should never ignore this portion.

8. Diversify Foundation Backlinks

Whatever we did above is just to prepare. But who will make you different from others or increase your site authority? It is the backlink. Now, what are the diversify foundation backlinks?

Diversify Foundation Backlinks

This is the cheapest solution to neutralize the penalty risks. Because with these links you can create a variety of links from different platforms. You can use the brand name, naked url, generic as anchors to decrease the ratio of main keywords’ backlinks. These can be manual profile creation links, Manual web 2.0s, Social Bookmarking, Forum posting and there are many platforms, or you can easily find in the Link Pyramid Packages. But every time you create a backlink, you must be careful about site metrics and many other important factors for long term result. We have a dedicated department for site filtering according to the latest updates. For this reason, our clients are still getting good results.

In our Monthly packages, we handle the order more carefully. All the tier-1 backlinks are created with unique account and the login details are provided. Advance keyword research, on page optimization check, rank tracking and many other factors. $107 or above is suggested.

Indexing! This is a part where SEO service providers are out of water in the longest desert. Whoever you can be but if you cannot index the links you are creating, it gives you zero value. For example, carrying a huge amount of gold in the desert without a drop of drinking water. For this reason, we kept doing experiment and research. Finally, we can index up to 70% to 80% of the created links faster.

9. Strong Ranking backlinks

It is very hard for foundation backlinks to give you 1st page or 1st position results. You need a good source or trusted source of powerful backlinks. 2 most common sources of powerful backlinks are:

  • PBN
  • Guest Posting


In the last couple of years, PBN is a common backlink service that people are selling. But you must know the ways to check the quality and purchase or have a trusted service provider to get them. We used many PBN services and never got that satisfaction.

Now, we have decided to create our own PBN network. Not like so called PBN (Public Blog Network). Real Private Blog Network, structure like real sites. We actually created this network for our own sites. So, no worries about the quality. All these sites have very strong backlink profiles and also good metrics. We won’t allow any spammy niches to keep the network safe.

You can also get high quality Expired domain for your PBNs:

Guest Posting

There are few factors in Guest posting you must know:

  • Which template is working now?
  • Too much work everyday
  • And continuously keep track and bargaining
  • Check domains matrics to avoid penalties

So, in simple words. It is a very hard job to find good backlinks. Now, we want to take all the hard job and you just get the backlinks. Easy as that.

If we want visitors organically then we have no other options without doing quality SEO. So, we have to be more careful to have a stable and long term ranking. And if you have any concern regarding our SEO services, then please contact us:

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Apple Default Search is Back to Google For All iOS And Mac Devices

apple default search google

Bing search was the default search for Apple products.

They are back to Google. Now Apple’s default search is Google

It is not the end of the story.

From my point of view. I consider Apple users are premium users and most of them stay in Buying Intent.

So, a HUGE part of buying intent organic traffic is entering in Google now from all Apple devices.

Now for the same keywords and competition, we are supposed to get better conversion.

My question, still you do not want to take the Good position in Google.

The procedure of grabbing good position is still the same.

  1. Create Good Content for your site.
  2. Get Good Quality Backlinks.
  3. Focus on your on page SEO.



Reference: Apple switches back to Google search results for iOS & Mac –

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Ranking Factors That is Working in 2016, after the latest updates

blaming Google

Blaming Google for ranking started from the day Google started bringing updates. But head down sadness for not ranking begin after few latest updates of Google. Most of us these days say “100% waste of money. Nothing is working these days. Let’s quit”. Wait wait wait! There is a very important part in SEO that we miss most of the time. Without even caring about the Google’s checklist for the ranking factors that is working in 2016.

Checklists SEOPEZOn page SEO

Today I will discuss the factors on page SEO which is pulling you down below the 3rd page or even more.
The main term is over optimization. The factor we are thinking that will rank me up. Actually, those factors are your true enemy poisoning your site from the beginning.
Do you know what is that?
Ans: Your Main Keyword.
Let me explain, what I used to think.
1. Putting the keyword in the title.
2. Putting the keyword in the headers
3. Using enormous amount of keywords to enrich the content
4. Creating all the pages, categories, posts, products etc focusing on the keywords
5. EMD = Exact match domain, still some people think that EMD booked the 1st position before the site born. Although most of us know that Google is not caring about the EMD anymore.
6. Creating backlinks with the keyword to let Google know that I am trying to rank this keyword. Google does not even care about it too.

Ranking Factors That is Working in 2016

Ranking Factors 2016

What I actually mean is that, if you push Google for anything, he will just ignore it more.
Now it is the time to turn over the page and get started.

help onpageWe will use keywords for which we want to rank but it has to be done precisely. Google created a huge department (spam fighter) to stop any kind of formula which will rank you 1st.
The basic idea of google is to rank a relevant, quality natural things.
So, proper on page optimization suggestion is what we are looking for. You can easily fix these factors if you want, just need to follow the instruction. But for a precise structure and faster solution or to save your precious time you can assign us your onpage seo optimization.

And every sector does not have the same formula. There is some basic stuff which common, which I discussed above but they are few unique thing that also needed to be noted.
Google is an open place where you can find your answer.
Not by searching how to solve my on-page SEO problem. You need to search your main keywords. And you need to follow the sites Google is caring. Find a unique factor which impresses you.
Add it in your list and research on all the top 10 sites. Blend it and use it in your site.
Now you know that your site is on top for on page optimization.
Then the factor comes about backlink building, quality of content, site structure, visitor engagement and many more factors. As you call the sites your competitors those who are on 1st page then why do not you think to beat them with the backlinks too.

Only creating an enormous amount of backlinks won’t help you now:

1. You do need to know where to build the effective backlinks?
2. How many of them do we need to create?
3. How to make it natural?
If your visitors do not want to stay in your site, Google will never bring you on top according to the latest updates.
Coming on top is not impossible, but it depends on how much you want it and what you are doing for it.

So, we need a monthly plan to proceed srategically. Building links muct be Diversified and low ratio for number of backlinks by reffering domain. Again, if you want then you can start making a strategy or you can save your effort and time by subscribing our SEO monthly plan. If you want then we can have a discussion before any procedure through skype or email etc. 🙂